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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Is This You?


·       If no one knows what I’m doing (giving, serving, sacrificing), would I still do it?

·       If there’s no visible payoff for doing this, would I still do it?

·       Would I joyfully take a lesser position if God asked me to?

·       Am I doing this for the praise of others, or how it makes me feel? (evil)

·       If I had to suffer for continuing what God has called me to do, would I continue?

·       If others misunderstand or criticize my actions, will I stop?

·       If those I’m serving never show gratitude or repay me in any way, will I still do it?

·       Do I judge my success of failure based on my faithfulness to do what God has asked me, or do I compare with others?

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